An artist mother from Melbourne designed healthy food in a way that resembles movie characters that her son likes. Jacob Mohmedi enjoys eating all dishes even the octopus. Laleh Mohmedi has never been an artist, but she always enjoyed painting when she was young.

She said once she decided to turn spelled pancakes into a lion, Jacob started telling her which character he likes the most from a book,  movie characters, and what he would like to eat in the next meal. The day she served him that dish, Jacob starting telling her what he wanted to eat the next day. Even the adults don’t like eating exotic foods Jacob Mohmedi, these are fun-filled meals.

Do you want to know what and how she created 10 popular movie characters? Let’s check her creations below.


#10 Mama Coco From "Coco"

#9 Maleficent from "Maleficent"

#8 Joker from 'Joker 2019'

#7 Dobby from "Harry Potter"


#6 Balthazar Bratt from "Despicable Me"

#5 Baby Groot from "Guardians of The Galaxy"


#4 Maui from "Moana"

#3 Winifred Sanderson from "Hocus Pocus"


#2 Genie from "Aladdin 2019"

#1 Pennywise from "It "


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