It’s hard to believe that some castles, as lovely, mysterious, and alluring as they are, were once abandoned due to a lack of love. Towers were sometimes left to fall into disrepair, or once-mighty palaces were purposefully damaged in order to render them useless. Despite the devastation, the ruins have taken on their own romance as they defy nature and the odds to become must-see tourist attractions.


Some are now wowed by tourists who thousands of miles to see them, and while these ruins are mostly well-protected and cared for, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their sense of otherworldliness.

here are 20 of the most gorgeous abandoned castles in the world that you can visit right now.

#20 Ballycarbery Castle

abandoned castlesImage Source:

Location: County Kerry, Ireland

#19 Muromtzevo Castle

Image Source:

Location: Sudogda, Russia

#18 Heidelberg Castle

Image Source:

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

#17 Lowther Castle

Image Source:

Location: Lowther, United Kingdom

#16 Bannerman Castle

Image Source:

Location: Pollepel Island. Newburgh,New York


#15 Hever Castle

Image Source:

Locations: Edenbridge, United Kingdom

#14 Carew Castle

Image Source:

Location: Carew, United Kingdom

#13 Krzyztopor Castle

Image Source:

Location: Ujazd, Poland

#12 Fleckenstein Castle

image Source:

Location: Lieu-dit Fleckenstein, France

#11 Dunluce Castle

Image Source:

Location: Northern Ireland


#10 Fasil Ghebbi

Image Source:

Location: Gondar, Ethiopia

#9 Castle of Saint-Ulrich

Image Source: Julien

Location: Ribeauville, France

#8 Castle Mount Rouge

Image Source: Portablenc

Location: North Carolina, USA

#7 Dunnottar Castle

Image Source: Dunnottar Castle

Location: Stonehaven, United Kingdom

#6 Fort Alexsendar

Image Source: Saintroofs

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia


#5 Belvedere Castle

Location: New York, USA

#4 Frankenstein Castle

Image Source:

Location: Hessen, Germany

#3 Pidhirsti Castle

Image Source : Viadyslav Kovalchuk

Location: Pidhirsti, Ukraine

#2 Spis Castle

Image Source: Castlesbook

Location: Zehra, Slovakia

#1 Boldt Castle

Image Source: Drone Studio 

Location: Alexandria Bay, New York


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