If you are planning a fairytale vacation, add this amazing fairytale hotels list to your travel list. You will really spend a lot of some time in your bedroom, and reserving a magical room will go an extended way towards making you enjoy how you imagined it. Read on for some of the main awesome fairytale hotels around the world.


#10 Hotel De La Cite , France

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Hotel de la Site Carcassonne is another medieval French palace with everything anyone needs for a fairy tale. Free WiFi, a restaurant, a bar, and an outdoor pool are the most common amenities offered at the lodge.

#9 Neemrana Fort-Palace, India

Image Source:@neemranahotels / Instagram

This 15th-century palace is an amazing five-star hotel with 55 rooms. Neemrana Fort Palace has a genuine decoration of various periods in the history of India as well as exhibits that make the visitors aware of the fascinating past of the palace.

#8 Thorngrove Manor Hotel, Australia

fairtayle Hotelsfairtayle hotelsImage Source: Thorngrove Manor Hotel / Instagram

Thorngrove Manor is one of Adelaide’s great kept secrets. The creative surroundings, lovely interest in detail, and enchanting environment ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay.

 All rooms have sweeping views and a relaxed environment complete with modern technology which includes Bluray, WiFi, and HD Televisions. The manor is that the perfect setting for a memorable honeymoon or romantic escape for an anniversary or special birthday.


#7 Le Moulin du Roc, France

fairtayle istagramImage Source: @moulinduroc / Instagram

Le Moulin du Roc was originally built as a water mill. It was later converted into a multi-room hotel. Nature lovers will enjoy the many hikes, fishing trips, that are many activities available here.

#6 La Balade des Gnomes Hotel, Belgium

fairtayle hotelsImage Source: labaladedesgnomes / Instagram

La Balade des Gnomes is located close to Durbuy in Belgium. Each room is inspired by a traditional fairy tale. Suites are filled with wood toadstools, starry skies, and crooked windows. 

There is a Trojan horse room where you could stay on a large wooden horse. The motto of the hotel is “all that you could imagine is real”.

#5 Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

fairtayle hotelsImage Source: Flickr

The Magic Mountain Hotel (Montana Magica Lodge) is one of the best fairytale hotels in a nature reserve in southern Chile. There are several specialized lodges in the area and this hotel is one of the most unique local resorts.

This construction blends well with nature and, in addition, has all the amenities you would expect. Wildlife Scenery features rooms in a local style. If you stay here, you will feel like you are hiding in a fairytale world in the middle of a jungle.


#4 Azulik Resort, Mexico

fairtatyle hotelsfairtayle hotelsImage Source: @azulik / Instagram

Azulik Thulam – The perfect place to reconnect with nature and your spiritual soul. Each of the villas here is consonant with the sea and the forest. Inside you will find mosquito nets, safety and electricity outlets, some with beds and outdoor pipes.

.King Toe Restaurant is located in an unusual treehouse and has amazing views of the forest. Set aside a private nest for yourself and indulge in a luxury wine selection with thousands of stars in the dark. Or try cooking Azulik, which is located deep in the jungle background. Azulik Resort is a fairytale paradise for many people.

#3 Sun City Resort, South Africa

fairtayle hotelsImage Source: Flickr.com

Sun City was opened in the North West to turn out to be the great vacation resort in South Africa and for an excellent reason. Home to the Valley of Waves and sprawled along the border of the Pilanesberg National Park, Sun City Resort enjoys the great difference of being the only surf-and-safari vacation spot within a two-hour drive of landlocked Johannesburg.


Whether you’re searching out a romantic stay with your partner, a fun weekend getaway with buddies, or a North West vacation with the complete family, Sun City Resort has it all.

#2 Hotel De Glace, Canada

fairstyle hotelsImage Source: @hoteldeglace / Instagram

Every year, the Hotel de Glaze is made entirely of snow and ice from the beginning and is a masterpiece of engineering. It is a brilliant masterpiece with ice sculptures and carvings, ice beds, an ice bar, and an ice church.

Visiting the best ice hotel in North America, which is open from January to April, is a winter wonderland experience and should be added to their bucket list for any adventurer. This is one of the best unique resorts for a winter vacation in Quebec Province.

#1 The Roxbury Motel, USA

fairtayle hotelsImage Source: @theroxburyexperience /. Instagram

Located in New York, this Roxbury hotel has a unique interior design with 28 rooms inspired by the colorful, boldly designed Theme Cinderella fairy tales and TV shows.

The city of Roxbury offers mountaineering and outdoor activities and attractions, from shopping and museums to snowballs and water sports, as well as mountains, streams, lakes, and the Catskills Valley.


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