Some trees live with the environment for a long time. these trees and the surrounding environment using, houses built around trees by architects. if they consider the vines, they will come up with amazing designs. When designing a new home, eco-friendly architects do some research on the trees around the land. This is because blending with forest plants in the design of these houses is an honor and to the environment.


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Architectural treehouses are becoming more and more common in the world and the following 15 examples are the most creative techniques incorporated into the architecture.

#15 Tepoztlan Lounge

house built around treeshouses built around treesImages: Cadaval & Sola-Morale

Tepoztlan is a small town in Mexico, Tepoztlan Lounge located in this small town is unique architectural surrounded by an egg-shaped pool and plants. Lounge designed by Cadaval and Sola-Morales.The interior structure accommodates two large trees, with the central part of the lounge open.

#14 Casa Corallo

Images: ©Paz Arquitectura

Designed by Paz Arquitectura, an architectural firm in Guatemala, Casa Corallo is a natural indoor environment that is strong. Located in Guatemala, this is much more visible than an urban environment. 

Of course, you will not be surprised to hear how connected it is to the environment and how trees grow through it. Some natural trees invade the interior and exterior of the home, allowing them to interact with the living space.

#13 Sustainability Treehouse

houses built around treeshouses built around treesImages: ©Mithun Architects

In West Virginia, the Sustainability Treehouse is located about 100 feet above the forest floor, providing visitors with a refreshing experience as well as a unique view. 

The trees created during this decade are one of the most remarkable works of architecture and one of the most remarkable houses built around trees by Mithun architects. The house was created as a demonstration of modern energy technologies.

#12 Elok Tree House

houses built around treeshouses built around treesImages: ©Chang Architects 

This lush vegetation house in Singapore feels more like a forest or jungle landscape than an indoor house. Designed as a result of the strategy used by Chang Architects, these homes provide an eco-friendly experience for everyone while inside.


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#11 The Woodman's Tree House

houses built around treeshouses built around trees Images: ©BEaM

The Woodman’s Treehouse is a resort located amidst the branches of an old oak tree in a picturesque forest area. Continuous views of the forest and modern amenities are available here. Quiet and secluded, this oak tree allows visitors to reconnect with nature and relax comfortably and attractively.

This amazing structure is part of the attraction of Dorset’s large ecological site in the UK, created by Guy Mallinson, founder of Mallinson Ltd, and Keith Brownley, co-founder of BeaM, a leading international brand on the architecture.

#10 House In Tree

houses built around trees houses built around treesImages: ©Anonymous Architects

This unique house, created by Anonymous Architects through a tall cypress tree in the middle of a small plot of land in Los Angeles, is called ‘House in Tree’.The main part of the house consists of two bedrooms and is designed for a family and the interior of the house is created so as not to damage the natural location of the tree.

#9 Hp Tree House

houses built around treeshouses built around treesImages: ©MMP Architects

Set in a secluded and private plot of land on the edge of  Mt Whitfield, Australia, designed by MMP Architects. In the nighttime, the HP Tree House appears to be a glowing tropical fortress among the treetops.


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The central living pavilion opens to the forest view and a full glass wall that connects seamlessly to the outdoor living airway. The outdoor dining area is slightly lower, with the lounge ‘Tree House’ under a large canopy roof and open to the environment on all sides.

#8 Hayes Residence, West Vergina

House Built Around Tree House Built Around Tree Images: ©Travis Price Architects

Located in West Virginia, houses built around trees by Travis Price Architects. This simple home has a bedroom and a kitchen. created for nature lovers, the wooden ceiling and large tree cover the stairwell of the house with a glass box.

#7 House For Tree In Vietnam

houses built around treeshouses built around treesImages: ©

The two-bedroom house was built by Vo Trong Nghia architect. According to the architect, it was built on vacant land in the most populated area of Ho Chi Minh City, surrounded by buildings on all sides.

#6 Tree house: 25 Verde

Images: ©

Luciano Pia, an Italian architect, has a clever vision of how people and nature can live together through urban planning. The building was designed by him in Turin, Italy, and is a 5 story house. The trees have gone through the floors of the house, helping the residents to reduce clean air and noise pollution.


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#5 The Tea House

houses built around treeshouses built around treesImages: ©

Archi-Union Architects built the tea house in the back yard of Aki-Union’s J-Office. This is constructed from the broken parts of the roof that collapsed. in the original warehouse further limiting the space by a mature tree. Designed with ambiance and openness, happy space.

#4 Casa Vogue Brazil

houses built around trees houses built around trees Images: ©

Casa Vogue is a unique creation by architect Alessandro Sator that integrates into the natural ecological landscape of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

The tree in the middle of the living room is a large mango tree called Bethany, also the tree creates a sense of air, shade, and flow through the various spaces of the house, and influences how the whole house is arranged.

#3 Austin Tree house

 Images: ©MF Architecture

Located in Austin, Texas, this modern home was designed by MF Architects and is built around an oak tree.

#2 The Urban Treehouse

houses built around trees  Images: ©

The Urban Tree is a family project and was created on the idea of ​​a grandfather, Hans-Joachim, and his grandson, Kolja, according to Built-in 2014 in harmony with nature, the house is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

#1 Tubular Glass House

house built around tree houses around built tressImages: ©A.Masow Architects

This was designed by Aibek Almassov, founder of A.Masow Architects. This adorable four-story house is one of my favorite houses built around trees. 

Many believed that it would never be built, but that the architect would prove them wrong. It was first built as an environmentally friendly in 2013 and is one of the greatest architectural masterpieces of the century.


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