Ryosuke Kosuge is a Tokyo-based photographer and While working as a graphic designer and DJ, he started photography and photo editing in 2013 using only his own smartphone. Gradually entering the field of photography, he took up a camera a few years later and began working as a freelance photographer.


Japanese photographer Ryosuke is known as RK on Instagram and social media. He travels to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and China, and specializes in photographing  patterns found in everyday life. RK’s style is visually ensemble and his wide-angle views are immersed in scenes across different cultures. Scroll down to see people and locations in 15 gorgeous patterns in Asia and RK’s masterful skill.

#1 Kadokawa Culture Museum, Japan

japan photographer

#2 Madou Daitian Temple, Taiwan

#3 The Kaohsiunghenge, Taiwan

japanese photographer

#4 Guangxi Guilin, China

#5 Guizhou, China

#6 Tottori Prefecture, Japan

#7 hitachi Kaihin Koen, Japan

#8 Bamboo Fish Trap, Vietnam


#9 Hokkaido, Japan

#10 Fenghuang Hunan, China

#11 Gunma Prefecture, Japan

#12 Hong Kong

#13 Chongqing, China

#14 Kyoto, Japan

#15 Tianyuan Temple, Taiwan


RK More Info & Image Source:  Instagram | Web


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