There are many examples of talented artists around the world choosing New York State as an important landmark for sculpture exhibits. Outdoor sculptures in the state of New York have fascinated many. Most sculptural parks are located around New York City, with Elmhurst Sculpture Garden, and Socrates Sculpture Park attracting visitors, etc.



You can view these sculptures freely in more open spaces, which allows you to communicate with nature and photography. These unique art forms have high antiquity, which gives contemporary sculptors to think about any work. check out these Sculpture gardens New York below to enjoy these designs and get a creative idea.

#1 Stone Quarry Hill Art Park

sculpture gardens new york sculpture gardens new yorkImages: ©Stone Quarry Hill Art Park / Instagram

Set in the heart of Cazenovia’s 104 acres of beautiful landscape, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park showcases the works of established and emerging artists throughout its outdoor space and local gallery. With a peaceful and natural, free-spirited backdrop, the park provides creative inspiration to artists, sculptors, dancers, musicians, and writers.

#2 Elmhurst Sculpture Garden

sculpture gardens new yorkImages: ©Elmhurst Sculpture Garden

Elmhurst Sculpture Garden is an outdoor community park and is a valuable venue for sculptures, multimedia installations, music and dance exhibitions for artists. The park is located on the Long Island Expressway from Queen’s Center Mall near Elmhurst in Queens, New York City and the park is to offer artists a safe place to display outdoor art and learn to revitalize public space.

#3 Socrates Sculpture Park

sculpture gardens new yorksculpture gardens new yorkImages: ©Socrates Sculpture Park / Instagram

Located in New York City, Socrates Sculpture Park was abandoned until 1986, when a group of artists and local community members revived the ruined site. Located above the Harlem and East River junctions, it was transformed into a public outdoor museum. Socrates Sculpture Garden is a valuable haven for emerging artists to create and exhibit large-scale sculptures.



#4 Nassau County Museum of Art

sculpture gardens new yorksculpture gardens new yorkImages: ©Nassau County Museum of Art

The 145-acre Nassau County Museum of Art is home to some 40 outdoor works of art, including Tom Otterness and Richard Serra, etc. The Museum of Art provides a dedicated learning space for the Arts and Education Center to connect to the experience of the visual arts by providing an entrance into the creative process.

#5 The Noguchi Museum

sculpture gardens new york sculpture gardens new yorkImages: © Noguchi Museum / Instagram

The Noguchi Museum was opened in 1985 by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi to display and preserve selected works that best represent him. Outside the museum, there is an outdoor sculpture garden as well as an enclosed gallery space. It features sculptures and designs that have influenced the aesthetics of the twentieth century.

#6 Donald M Kendall Sculpture Garden

Donald M. Founded in 1965 by CEO Kendall, the sculpture garden features works by some of the world’s leading artists of the twentieth century. The collection includes works by major modern sculptors, including Augustine Rodin, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, and Alberto Giacometti.



#7 Storm King Art Centre

sculpture gardens new york sculpture gardens new yorkImages: ©Storm King art Center / Instagram

The Storm King Art Center, located about 500 acres south of the Hudson River Valley about an hour north of New York City, houses more than 100 monuments to contemporaries ranging from modern masters Alexander Calder to Andy Goldsworthy.

#8 Griffis Sculpture park

sculpture gardens new york sculpture gardens new yorkImages: ©

The Griffis Sculpture Garden, one of the oldest and largest sculpture gardens in the United States, has 250 works spread over 400 acres of land. This is located in Otto and founded in 1966 by artist Larry Griffis, the park’s main objective is to promote artistic and outdoor exploration and to display creative interactive parts.



Many of the sculptures in the sculpture garden are unique in that they are given in the garden itself. Combined with high ceilings, large open bays, and attractive brickwork, this space proves to be a good environment for creativity to thrive. Today, Griffiths Sculpture Park hosts local artists, community organizations, and events, as well as international art exhibitions and educational arts.

#9 The Fields Sculpture Park

Fields Sculpture Park in Ghent, New York, exhibits over 80 works of art by internationally recognized contemporary artists. The park showcases complete and permanent collections throughout the year. “Fields” is part of the Omi International Arts Center, a non-profit organization that offers residential programs for visual and performing artists.

In addition to the large-scale outdoor sculptures in the park, there is a large space for paintings, video installations, and art education programs, as well as a restaurant for viewing scenes.

#10 Taconic Sculpture Park

sculpture gardens new yorksculpture gardens new yorkImages: ©Instagram

The Taconic Sculpture park has more than 30 exotic sculptures made of materials such as marble and limestone, and the hollow-shaped sculptural head was completed in 1996 by self-sculptor Roy Kanwit. Allows people to see her amazing views. These other giant heads and creatures were created over a period of 30 years and are largely inspired by various myths, including Egyptian, Native American, Greek, and Roman.

#11 Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden

sculpture gardens new yorkImage: ©

Architect Philip Johnson and landscape architect James Fanning created a modern Sculpture Garden for the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan, dedicated to patron Abby Aldrich Rockefeller in 1953 in Midtown Manhattan. The rectangular outdoor courtyard is arranged on two levels. 

The lower terrace, which sank more than two feet below the range, was planted with birch trees along two beautiful waterways stretched across the marble platforms, which helped to control the visibility of the sculptures placed throughout the garden. The park elevates museum buildings and the centralized submerged space features water features, individual tree clusters, movable chairs, and modern artwork.

#12 Opus 40 Sculpture Park & Museum

sculpture gardens new yorkImage: ©Opus / Instagram

The Opus 40 Sculpture Park and Museum are named after the massive site monument created by Harvey Fight, co-founder of the Bard Fine Arts Department. It took 37 years to complete the six-and-a-half-acre site, during which time Fight built a lodge, studio, and the Quarryman Museum.


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