Architecture is an art that can take us into a fantasy world. If we go somewhere we can see animal-shaped buildings. Also, due to these creations., the area itself gets publicity as well as the attention of everyone. 




Architects have long been inspired by nature, so they are inspired to create parks, offices, and hotels that look like giant animals. so below are some of the amazing animal-shaped buildings created by the clever architects in around the world.

8.Dog Bark Prak, USA

animal-shaped buildings
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For dog lovers planning to go on a holiday to Idaho, this is the best spot to rest overnight. Dog Bark Park Inn is a whimsical two-bedroom bed and breakfast that is built like a beagle and features a variety of dog-themed style options. To give a bit of quirk to the hotel, the toilet is disguised as a fire hydrant! Lovingly known as ‘Good Willy’ by local locals.

7. Elephant Tower, Thailand

Also known as the Chang Building, this elephant tower is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is 32 stories high and 335 feet high. The elephant is the national animal of Thailand and is designed to reflect this. So if you are visiting Bangkok, do not forget to take a photo of this giant.



6. The Big Duck, USA

The 20-foot tall giant duck, based in New York Flanders, has a white Ferro-cement body and eyes made of Ford Model Tea Tights. It was designed by three locals to stop potholes and encourage drivers to buy egg and duck products. Today, Big Duck is a beloved local brand with a gift shop. On special occasions, this duck is colored with a beautiful street light.

5.Wat Sam Phran, Thailand

Wat Sam Phran Buddhist Temple is located 25 miles west of Bangkok. the temple is a multi-storied pink cylindrical building which is one of the main reasons for the temple’s famous. Therefore, some call it The Dragon Temple. The temple was established in the early 1980s and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand.



4.Lucy The Elephant, USA

animal-shaped Buildings
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Created in 1881, this large elephant is a national symbol of Margate City in New Jersey. The 90-ton structure is made of wood and tin sheets and has been a tourist attraction for many years.

3.National Fisheries Development Board, India

The National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), located in the Commercial District of Hyderabad, looks like a sea of fish. In fact, the structure here has three fins, a tail, and a silver carpet-like mouth, and visitors don’t forget to take photos.


2.Giraffe Childcare Centre, France

The Giraffe Child Protection Center is located in Paris, France. Designed by Hondelatte Laporte Architects, the building looks like a yellow giraffe is stuck inside a silver slab. The giraffe is the most striking feature of the design and can be seen from different angles.

1.Kakadu Crocodile Hotel, Australia

If you want to stay with a scaly crocodile, head to Australia for the most exciting hotel you have ever seen. Mercury Kakadu Crocodile Hotel is a four-star hotel that is home to one of the most famous animals in the region, the saltwater crocodile. The hotel halls have a unique shape and can be seen especially from the wind. There is a pool in the middle of it all.


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