Swedish artist Ulla-Stina Wikander, a talented artist, covers outdated devices, furniture, and tools with colorful cross stitch embroidery designs to give them a beautiful look.

According to wikander on her website, she has been collecting cross stitch embroidery for over 10 years and today she has a collection of over 100 different designs. In 2012 She started to cover Vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, and electric mixers in the 70s.


It takes her about two days to make a small object like an electric iron or a phone, but it takes a few weeks to complete a large item. Today she has the ability to embroider every household object. Books, shoes, irons, lamps, telephones, and tools, etc. Below are some of her colorful works of art!

Ulla-Stina wikander Ulla-Stina wikander


Ulla-Stina  More Info & Source:   Instagram | Website


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